Photo manipulated by John Richards

Photo manipulated by John Richards

Before my morning ablutions
And the end of small screen, personal news search,
I choose at random, by chance, or serenity,
(depending on your vocabularic level)
A sampler of John’s photos.

As the first, I don’t expect much
In the way of profundity,
Merely a few words to excite,
No insights here.

Don’t scorn my attempts, yes you
Holding tight to this piece of paper
Waiting for the poem to begin,
Answering my call for attention.

If criticism wants to be leveled
Fault me for the stupidity of resting my
Tooth brush near my hair brush
And now grappling with a stray silver filament
In the space between my two lower front teeth

By now you are asking, why did she feel it necessary
To share this.  Simply because the photo has not
As yet,
Registered a rhyme to my brain

Oh clever, yes, the cat decked out in renaissance finery
Staring cat-like, as they always do,
Excusing you for looking on into their private world
This one bejeweled has more reason to preen
More answers to it’s own questions.
“I am Cat, hear me roar” too trite, for royalty, so,

“Bring Me My scepter, Jeeves, you should have read my mind”
“you are to intuit, remember, intuit for your Majesty,
Before she has her morning milk, or the poet’s grasp
Of the day takes hold.