Just eight gals in a warehouse
Setting the world on fire,
Helping Mother Nature sing out from every
Tunic and tee.

With bolts of potential evolving to
Style and panache
Each sees her likeness in the crisp cloth, breeze drying.

The artists treasure their wears.
Their wares split through the air on planes,
Into hearts.

Cherishables are created and renewed.
Like banners of joy and courage
A brushing here, a dash of unstoppable color there,
Jills to whom no Jack can compare.

Each day
They greet dynamo Rose, mapper of a mission.
But special day, Today,
Cupcakes home-baked for the surprise.

True to form she shares this day of birth
With nothing less than 30% off price.
“Sharing largess,” the Flower says,
“That’s what chic is all about.”

Charlene James
Amissville, Virginia