IMG_9495“Here she comes
My blue-eyed baby
Breaking hearts
All along the way
Every swish gets a swash.”

“Unconcerned that the uninitiated
Put her last in line, she tells me.”

“Little do they know my powers,
But soon, oh, they will swoon as
I take my regal place in their
Shopworn World.”

Gentle soul, her knight errant,
Bloodied and broken by the chore,
Prepares a haven. Perfect abode to
Meet her softness, best he can.

She spies his efforts
Sees she might be impressed,
Might deign to lavish him
With love.

“Yes, I might.”
She purrs with her
Mystical airs,
Her exotic Siamese

Izzy ,the kitten,
Explores her new domain.
She has a home at last and will stay.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia