PJHe spoke to me on his cell phone
As he walked from his apartment to the rehearsal hall. 
Twenty minutes that was my allotment. 
And then a fast good bye
as he buzzed himself into the theatre.  

I expected no more. 
He was PJ
who deigned to give me as much time
as my limited creativity warranted.

Of course I solved his problems–that was my job,
To get him past the boring,
unnecessary necessities of dealing with
every matter that wasn’t worth his time.

But he never failed to ignite
In me
A spark of inspiration,
An excitement for new thoughts,
outlandish ideas.

PJ Paparelli,
boy genius of theatre.
Dead at 40.
To save
a flock of Scottish sheep from an oncoming, speeding lorry.

Charlene James
Amissville, Virginia