The characteristic lilt in her voice
Made the names, abandoned for centuries, live.
Women mostly forgotten, as their bruised knees hit the floor
In prayer again and again.

“No wait! ”
They must have had kneelers embroidered exquisitely .
Silk threads telling epic stories of saints transformed from sinners.

As she called out their names: Photini, Melania, Eudoxia and Pelagia,
As she rounded up the Marys from Egypt and Mesopotamia
Pausing to highlight the Magdalene,
I wonder if she wondered why she had been misnamed,
Outside this sorority that she so envied.

“But never you mind,”
Her optimism, ever-cheery wins out.

Finding the
True Cross
Mothering an emperor

“Was pretty darn good,”for a namesake.

Charlene James- Duguid
Amissville, Virginia