Top view of an unmade bed with crumpled bed sheet.Shimmy under the covers, into the fresh
White sheets,
reminders of backyard lines with sails
Taking in pure sunshine.

Position each body part In the mold meant only for it,
No other.

Breathe, regular as a tick after a tock,
Losing yourself in its regularity.

But for heaven’s sake don’t think of sleep.
That destroys the charm
Drives it away.

Conjure up colors, starbursts and elfin
Creatures shashaying through
Magic, shady glens
Pink unicorns in tow.
Give them a chance to do their stuff.

Off to the Faire with sack butt, crumhorn and
Merry Men
Lusty Wenches
Mighty Steads
Jousting Lancers
Banners galore.

Medieval mannerisms
Played out against a tapestry
Rich with romance.

Then, slowly,
Quiver by quiver,
Close your eyes
Knowing this fantasy
Will busy your brain
The whole night long.

You will dance,
You will frolic,

You will dream,

But best of all,

You will sleep.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia