ThinkstockPhotos-545576346.jpgYears past our lives met
He reserved as stately oak
I fluttering by

No model for us
No mold to harden firmly
Only look by look

Words unworkable
Oceans streams and rivulets
Apart no love thoughts

Still there as Fuji
Majestic Being often
His frown reappears

Peonies I want
Lavish peonies I get
Profusion abounds

My wishes fulfilled
Whims become wants serious
As Noh intentions

No gifts in return
I’ve none of value slight seeds
Mature so slowly

Too late he is dead
Shattered lightening strike so strong
Clouds part fearfully

Might-have-beens since gone
Left at my lintel denied
A way to enter

My Japanese friend
Mysterious to the end
Gathering peonies

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia