baloon.jpgDeflating a toe-tapping ballon isn’t easy.
Its capture is like landing a lasso
As a pink unicorn romps
Across your front lawn.
Maybe a bit more difficult.
Actually, a lot more.

It has a mind of its own,
This balloon,
This sly Terpsichorean,
This rainbow-spectrumed vessel
Frilled with magic,
Lighter-than-air, gaseous gas.

What is it telling me
That I can report to you
About life, love,
And the pursuit of frivolous moments?
It guards the last gasp of air
Passionately, jealously.

Dance on, it echoes.
There is no grace in falling.
Don’t trip up in the gavotte.
Heaven help you
“Dancing in the dark.”

But then again
If you must,
Don’t hesitate.
Pick up the beat
“Shuffle off to Buffalo.”

Charlene James
Amissville, Virginia