glass.jpgSoured loves and acned lovers
Crash into each other.
Shattered egg shells
In uneven, disturbing, warped time.

From teenage infatuation to midyears’
Indiscretions, before the white light
Removes breath from my breathing.

Others turn embarrassment to
Memories, I cannot.
Mine hang heavy as shame dripping
Off the tree of sinfulness, the arbor,
It’s own orchard of vile fruits.

Worms, all worms.

Deformed by defilement
It steals sleep,
Plagues peace,
Destroys the little left
Of humane honor.

No Greek salvation through pain.
No redemption by fire.
No way to repair the universal wrongs.

Perhaps, oh God, by chance,
You’d grant
The worth
Of one blessed word,
Now and again,
To carry along
As the soothing balm,
A touch
Of unexpected grace.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia