Eloise face 2.JPG

Dedicated to Carole Jean

They had a serious conversation,
Eloise and her Angel.
Both of tender age,
Marking the giggles and woes of their short lives,
With recipes for chocolate delights.

The happinesses and hurts would not stop
Regardless of how they tried.
This was
The way it was.

Yet, Their Desired Things
Followed no other path, only
With its advice to be gentle
Children of the Universe.

They took turns stumbling along.

Then they rested in the safety
Of the Merlin tree, exchanging gifts,
Beliefs and believing,
As hard as they could
That the answer
Would arrive before the rain.

What Knowledge looked like, they could not guess.
What flowed from Her, not a clue,
But for each sadness She took away,
Two joys appeared in their stead.

Magic began to happen in their midst.

Rose petals, each filled with a drop of fragrance swept
The air when Eloise touched her finger to her chin.
Then an iridescent glow filled the forest.

Together, Eloise and her Angel finally figured it out.
All things in the universe are connected,
And so they must be too.
Eloise and her Angel,
Sat in their smiles,
Under the Merlin tree.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amiss, Virginia
June 4, 2018