IMG_1397.JPGIt’s important to learn
By the time
You’re “3”
How much milk you need
To match what’s in your
Glass with what’s going in your tummy,

The gulp you take
And the cookie chomping
Have to
Come out the same in the end.

And then there is the perfect amount of stomp
In a puddle to get
Lots of raindrops to splash in your face.

And don’t forget the color
Of your pet unicorn ‘s horn
As it matches the tasks of the day.

Lots of things
Grown Ups don’t understand.
They are left to us to remember
And make right.
The “3” year old on the job.
Our lot in life.

In a world filled with upside-down moments,
We set it right, keep it right,
And make it right when it’s a mess.

Of course,
To be sure, just because we’re “3”.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
June 4, 2018