IMG_0776.JPGAt “7”
Imagination just happens.
You can’t buy it or steal it,
Chase it down or trip it up.
It comes to you on a windy day
When a big red balloon goes bumping by.

You feel the bounce in your brain
And it’s there forever,
Egging you on every time
You have a second free.

Sometimes homework must wait
Or kitchen chores.
Feeding the dogs and cats
Doesn’t much matter
When a hero knight
And wizard wise find
A Gypsy girl with powers
So strong they must be told.

I guarantee the perfect timing,
On the spot the second
You need to be sure
You’re the smartest kid
On your block.

You just know.
Imagination is crystal
It’s yours,
And here to stay.


Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
June 19,2018