IMG_1427.JPGWith no idea why it was in my mind,
I’ve always wanted a pair of
Wooden Shoes,
Authentic, direct from the land of

Now I have them.

Swooped up from a thrift shop bin,
I am a cute Dutch fashion plate
Or would be, were it not for
Senior Fear
The constant dread– the fatal fall.

Oh, Sweet Clogs,
Why did I wait too long to make you a home,
Bring you in from discardment ?
I might have clip-clopped my way through
Bulbs and bulbs and bulbs
As splashes of flower hues stained my
Thoughts and dirndl.

Alas, instead my cane
Rackets its melody of age.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
July 22, 2018