38481193_10214034760676121_4951909627986968576_o.jpgA Trinity Woman proffered, caressing
In her palm, a scarf.
“It seems unbelievable, truthfully though,
It will work miracles.”

With electric-blue eggs
To set the scene,
The Italian silk, a Beauty, chimed out,
With church bell echoing,
“Dearest, Enjoy me.
I’m the ultimate in fine taste,
The singular accessory for
A fascinating woman.
No need for diamonds.
Rubies, emeralds.
Sapphires pale.
My swirling colors will define
Your look.”

‘“It can really do that for me?
A guarantee?”

“My Lovely, there are no guarantees
In all of life,
Yet this comes close.
It vanishes years,
Smoothing wrinkles.
When you smile for joy
You capture a youthful glow.”

“It does sing to me.”

With that, a wispy breeze caught
The delicate edge, whisking it
Like a magical surprise
Round Dear Lovely’s yearning shoulders.

She marveled.
Found herself shedding
30 pounds,
Mysteriously erasing 15 years.
Rejoicing in total rejuvenation.

“Oh my, it’s astonishing.
I’d like a dozen,
No need to gift wrap, they’re all for me.
Must be sure they will last me out.
Glory be, a heavenly treasure.”

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
August 6, 2018