ThinkstockPhotos-496488610.jpg“So, Grandma, I’ll buy you the ticket,
(actually I’ll use my free miles)
And you can just come to visit for
about three weeks.”

“Just, three weeks, you must be joshing.
Do you have any idea how much planning that would take?

My Cats
Doctors’ appointments
Hair cut
Bedding, my favorite pillow
And a cushioned, heated toilet seat.
At 93 I’ve earned it.”

“But I’ll put you up in just the best penthouse.”

“ 33 floors ! How long would that take me,
a caned, old woman to walk down if a fire started?
Do your calculation; age x steps x billowing smoke,
For me to flee a fire.”

“Grandma, just relax,
I’ll get you a handicapped shower.”

“Fine. But what about the time to take it.
In my own home it is an hour,
With a two hour prep time,
And another hour convincing myself I can do it.”

“Calm down, just sit and have a cup of coffee.”

‘My favorite cup would be at home in my drainer.”

“But, Grandma,”

“Sweetie, thank you, but
Just leave me be.”