IMG_1712.JPGA pint-sized Socrates
Returned from an
Enlightening morning,
her first-day-ever at the
Pre-school academy,
Mira positioned her lawn chair on the sun deck,
Stirred her pretend herbal tea,
And cogitated on the wonders
Of the universe.

She must devour more
Thermodynamics by tomorrow
When she, and her new friends
Will gather at the water fountain
To demonstrate their dexterity
In its use.

Life is strenuous, even with
Unbounded three-year-old energy.

Sometimes you just have to take a spell
To meditate on existence, stir your tea
For new insights, hear the murmur of
The wind in the cedar tree,
Close your eyes,
And nod off for a nap.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia