maggie.jpgNothing is impossible.
Charmed and loving.
Picked by the Fates,
One of a kind
You are chosen
And Maggie.

Owls hoot.
Bear amble.
Dolphins play.
Creatures big and small
Pay homage to your smile
You are special
And Maggie.


The sun shines.
The rivers flow.
Stars sparkle
Twinkle brightly
Because you make it so.
You are magical
And Maggie.

You love birds
They love you,
Taking every chance
To flutter by.
Ordinary, when nothing is.
You are possible,
And Maggie.


Music blossoms
At your window sill
Rainbows want to appear
In all their glory
To please you
You are wonderful
And Maggie.

Angel spirits
Decked in Nature’s hues
Need no reminder.
Happiness echoes in your steps
Every movement is a dance
You are brilliant
And Maggie.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
January 23, 2019