Like others who can’t resist stuff:
Stamps, coins, books, paper weights, arrow heads, whatnot,
He is unstoppable.

His treasures are just a bit bigger, heavier, costly.
Born out of passion, the urge, the obsession,
He collects

Why not?

Left alone with his check book he would be the
Indisputable master of these farm behemoths.
His wallet would forget the closed position, as he added to
His inventory; seeking more power, more comfort, more innovation.

Oh, but he is more renaissance then one-sided in his desire to accumulate.
His yearnings extend to gathering
Chickens, tomatoes, and counting residential blue jays and cardinals.
With impeccable skill.
His preoccupation is to watch nature fill all its spaces.

But superior among his collections is his accumulation of historical facts.
Not miscellaneous or sundry, instead with precision, he documents the hamlet of Bramwell, West Virginia . It remains the home of his heart,
A place worthy of an epic, not a mere poem.
Every fact carefully selected, each life perfectly curated,
inventoried lovingly, displayed with distinction
For all the cyber world to see.

The masses are invited to take note of Tractor Man’s
Delight in his sense of place.
Framed, preserved and secured.
There is no vacuum in his world.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia, March 11, 2016