Photo by William Petty

“Bill and Reva
Sure put on a nice spread,
Simple but classic.
Nothing can beat
Fresh seeds
Scattered with love by the blue birds.

Doezi, didn’t answer, Dearie.
She was too busy gathering tasty morsels.

“You know, Dearie, the Mrs is an expert in this.”

“But Fawnda, how do you know these things?”

“I’ve got ears.”

“No, you have a nose. Nosiest herbivore in the family.”

“Girls stop bickering,” said Dearie.

“They’ll hear our quarrels and cut off the tasties.”

“They wouldn’t do that. They’re too kind.”

‘’All humans have limits.”

“Not this prize pair.”

“They should have named this farm Safe Haven.
Even the fawns know to hide here, At Chestnut Oak, in hunting season.

Finally chiming in the Grand Doe,
Hortense, holding court, said,

“Aren’t we the lucky ones.
Eat to your heart’s content, Gals.

Just be glad we have
The Petty’s.”
Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia February, 2020