IMG_1803.JPGFrom all indications
His roots were country,
Western, cowboy.
But somewhere, somehow,
Urbanity took hold.
The street-smart knowingness
At tender “four” that jump-starts a life of

The instantaneous insights spawned
By parental elan— never forced only suggested.

“What will it breed?”
Teacher after teacher,
Counselor after counselor queried.

In science and art he will excel among the
The da Vincis, Michael Angelos
Einsteinium guys working and playing,
New math, old pentimento
Matters not what you call him.


Mind not historians,
You have a Stargazer in your sights,
On your scopes.

Some fellows just inspire
By being themselves,
By striding their walk,
Greeting the morning,
Handshaking the day,
Piloting an El on their way.

By traveling life’s path
By being our guide
By being our Thomas
Of course, That’s their job.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
January, 2020