unnamedOh sure, she’s Photo Op
But don’t fault her for that.
She didn’t ask for a head of
Ginger curls
Or eyes deep in questioning.
All those traits,

The “Nature/Nurture Argument”
Swirling near, tossing her locks
Ever so much more appealing
As she finds the words surpassing
Her age,
A surprised family listening on.

The charm grows day by day
Moment to moment
Captivating strangers from
All walks of life.
Her universal appeal brings
Maitre des and diplomats to
Her sphere.
Her conquests multiply.

Scootering round,
What will be her next adventure?
A trip to
An Alice or Dorothy note
On her filigreed dance card.
Circus or Zoo.
Carousel or Ferris Wheel.
Learning with each toe tap
What life has in store?

Quizzical , as to why these encounters
She turns deeply inside
Her tiny body
Searching for the source
Of her power,
Blyth Spirit, she.

Growing so in age and grace
She wonders what will become of her.
Only twinkling answers come her way.


Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville , Virginia
August 16, 2020