“Cora, wake up darling child.
It’s your birthday, a perfect popping day.
You’re only six, and only
Magically Mary, popping in
And out on
This very special day.
Today and only today.”

“I know that I cannot waste a moment, Anne.
So many details, so many, so many.
You know Miss Bird needs brown paper sacks.
And Bert needs a new brush to sweep the
Chimneys, make them 100% soot-free.”

With those jobs in mind
Cora opened her bumbershoot.
She began to tie freshly-penned notes,
Directives to each spoke.

She was determine to
‘Be responsible for all I do.
Find that every problem has a sunny side.
Know what I believe.
Think without a muddle in your brain.
Take time for myself by
Poppin in and out.”

“Perfectly Poppins, you are, you are,”
Exclaimed Anne.

“I can

My way through life.”

And Cora did.
Putting her know-how in her
Bumbershoot, bedecked with
Crimson ribbons springy
And spangly from its spokes
Cora stepped out into the clouds
To be the famous nanny,
For her
Fantastic Birthday.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
August, 2020

Photo by Anne Williams