Night rain
In the Garden of Eden.
Time for
God to purify the forest
Knowing the necessity
Of fresh water, loamy earth and
Crystalline air.

Adam and Eve did not.
They frolicked and rollicked
While The Almighty worked
Up to His eyebrows in elbow grease.

Just for them
He created crickets on the spot
And tree frogs in counterpoint
So that the human-things
His favorites so far,
Would know no boredom.

All the while the sweat of
His brow gully-washed his tired beard.

Ingrates, the pair like teenagersIn the shadows of a high school prom
Overturned vitrines.

He cleaned up the mess.
He might have been angry, vengeful,It could have been a viper He sent.

Instead, under His breath He murmured
As He watched them blush,“Oh well, they’re just kids.”

With that He sent them the promise
And blessing
Of the First Kiss.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia