One soul
Soars grandly, lyrics in tune
Pitching with wafts
Of his secret, exclusive riffs
To the tiny part
Of his universe.

He will grow,
Easily — loved,
Whispered upon
From moment to moon
As needed,
Not much more
Nor less.

By winds, then water,
Pure and clear,
The trees arranged
Just right.
Blue will be his favorite hue.

His life,
A Series of “Soul Stories”
His name changes by the day
And task.
Arranged by magical folk
Of clan and kin,
With languages, he’ll never learn
Welcoming him to this plot, this play.

Prayer warriors, the god mothers,
Eccentric people
On his path to happiness
Secure their spell
Better than one would guess.

Never a ruffle in the waves
Merely the baptismal spring
‘’Today his name is,


Tomorrow, who can say.”

Charlene James Duguid
Amissville,VirginiaJuly 28, 2021