ThinkstockPhotos-591998748.jpg“It’s always my fault.
If they didn’t scratch, the itch
Would subside quickly.
You see I really don’t have
Much power, the irritation
Goes away.”

With that,
Mosquito found another victim,
Juicy four year old
Out to capture fireflies.

“Yum, yum yum, can’t wait.
When they call you
Sweetness, Be assured they really
Mean it.”

He approaches in fighter-bomber mode
Nears, prepares, and BAM,
A hidden barrier knocks
Him off target.

“Drat, I thought those home remedies
We’re out of style.
Look what that stuff
Did to my stinger,
Damaged for life.”

“I’m not a menace, let’s make peace.
Why am I the culprit when you know
How good they taste, naming them Sweetness,
Candi, and Honey. Splendid names.”

“Truce, truc, tru, tr, t. ………”

With that Mosquito met his Maker.

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
July 18,2028