jim.jpgHers was widely-known.
His was legend.
And at this Centenarian’s birthday bash,
The truth of the best would be told.
An epic event.

Neither would back down.

Each determined, wearing sophisticated taste buds.
Each weighted approach precisely defined—
Ingredients, Process, Technique.

She, left much to sparse individual effort,
time restraints, coarseness.

He, banked mostly on exceptional chopping.
Bladed precision never sacrificed.

And the Prize?
So ephemeral.
No one would mention it again
But the Town would know
Who had won out.
Who had prevailed.

Table ready.
Croissants and sour dough warmed.
Faces eager.
Mouths watering.
Reporter scribbling.
Photographer clicking.
Ballots ready to count.

Whose would it be,
The Cavalier Caterer or the Conscientious Chopper?

One taste only, all it took.

Then the emergent winner
Shared his secret.
Two droplets of old-fashioned
White vinegar
Clinched his Crown.
Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
August 1, 2018