IMG_0475.JPGWho killed my granite
And why?

Equipped with an Agatha Christie state-of-mind,
I reviewed all the clues,
Weighted possible options,
Deducing the need for strength,
Stealth, mixing in motive, opportunity,
Means, basic to the task.

Predator must be found
Or what is his next victim ?

My concrete angel or
Tin-wrought wind mill.

You can’t be to careful when you live
In the country.
Humans go amok and animals can play havoc
With your property and possessions.

A marauding bear, an errant deer,
Even an aggressive wasp can upset
The tranquility.

But back to my Pig, currently suppined
In the glen. Did he have the will power
To scratch the name of the
Culprit in the dirt, or will the perp go free?
A grand conspiracy afoot
To thwart my investigative skills,

Only to fall into a cold case file
“Just Another Granite Porker.”

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
August 1, 2018