Lina-Koutrakos-2014.jpgTo hear her sing surpasses
The excitement of
A long-awaited
Clap of thunder when the sky
Is electric with sharps and flats
Bass and G Clefs left over
From an all-night Delphic jam.

Stretching the imagination
To where feelings couldn’t possibly go.
She goes there anyway, urging you along,
Refusing to let you linger in uncertainty.
You’re either in it or done in by it’s spell.

Sound never was so sweet, yet raw,
Achy with emotions, magically ushered out
Of a voice with a dusky heart.
No peace. No rest. No room is enough for her.

Proud of each ounce of Mediterranean blood
She pumps it wild, session on session, set after set,
Tone follows drenching tone.

And when it’s finished, it’s never done.
Counting the seconds between lightning bolts,
You can break free of the song,
But not the stormy memory
Of Her Soul

Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia