train.jpgThey, on Amtrak, rediscovering love,
Didn’t have a basket for safe transit
Nor as much as a small, rose-colored envelope
To guarantee the journey home.
She, elated with the sounds,
The first, four, easy notes followed by another trio,
A simple “da da de de de de dum.”
Her heart, reaching to burst,
His eyes filled with her bursting.
Do we love anew, again and again,
Or over and over?
The answer muted as the song.
The Beloved prepares a thriving space.
Captured, the refrain, told by strings
Barely knowing the gentlest touch,
A heavenly flesh.
Where was it when the train
No, here forever
On her lips, in her voice.
‘Da da de de de da da de da da de da da
Da da da dum de da dum de da da da da.”
Charlene James- Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
February, 2020