GettyImages-507152660.jpgHe was no fool as a teenager,
Go where all the girls were
He became an asset to them.
Circumventing the shyness of a
One-on-one boy/girl chat while being surrounded
By a dozen-or-so glistening gals
Ready to basket their hearts out
For the team.
For the Seminoles.
Not that much to learn:
Part, divide evenly,
Use a steady hand,
Back and forth,
In and out
French style, crochet braid, or fish-tail,
Bun, butterfly, and halo.
Be privileged to fondle
Those fragrant, newly-shampooed tresses:
Glistening blondes, shimmering brownettes,
Sheenly, straight, black-haired locks
Waiting to be threaded and looped.
They believing only he can make hair magic.
He alone,
Symmetry captured, unbeknownst to the salon
Downtown. They jockeyed in line to be next.
His only conversation skill necessary
A “hum” or “okay” to keep them coming.
Some guys standing on the corner.
Other guys watching all the girls
Go by without a wink.
No way to grab their attention.
No tonsorial skills, but for Jeremy’s.
They served him well,
Gave him access, then knowledge
Of female wiles.
Having the pick of the litter,
He chose the best, then
And now, Amy, the brightest star in the sky.
That Jeremy, he’s nobody’s fool.
Charlene James-Duguid
Amissville, Virginia
February, 2020