GettyImages-919467938.jpg“Someone forgot to turn the sun off.”
He says to me as we approach the bed
Before the night ever thought of visiting.

Funny, but years back, tromping to the bedroom
Would have ushered in unbridled sexual tumblings.
Now it means closing the blinds, finding
A reasonably comfortable position,
Downing the daily evening regimen of pills.

No martini or two,
Sleep was the only item on our agenda.

Oh, we talk about having sex
While our love sustains us,
But with each orgasmistic thought
Comes memory of back pain, knee pain, stiff joints,
Restless leg syndrome.

What choice will we make?
Agreement is key.
One going one way, the other another, predicts

Make the effort worthwhile.
Keep the juices flowing
Plead with Eros for just one more
Mattress dance without incidence.

Hear me, Young Ones, do it now, plenty and often,
Before Father Time and Mother Nature plot against you.
Before pharmaceuticals replace passion,
And a sigh and peck on the cheek substitutes
For an ecstatic trip to the moon.


Charlene James-Duguid
Posted February, 2020